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Watercolor Madness

Well, this several weeks I was crazy about watercolor painting hahaha.. As work drived me little bit bored, I took a day leave, and painted.

Below were the supplies I used:
1. Talens Watercolor (just been bought – it was on disc 10% hehe)
2. 18 Finecolor markers
3. Pens, pencil, and eraser
4. Brushes many types and sizes


I did painted before I bought some new supplies:


This one after I bought new supplies:


On weekend I tried my first landscape watercolor painting, and it was a fast one:


On the next week, there was a holiday, when I painted below, inspired by my penpal’s fav pic. It is so far the biggest painting I made (A3).


And the latest one, I made paintings of my friends’ faces as gifts for them:


So, I was crazy, wasn’t I? Hahaha

Ecoline – Alternative of Watercolour

Last sunday, I went to a bookstore with my best friend. Nothing particular we wanted to buy. My friend bought a set of oil color. Then she remembered and recommended me a good watercolor she knows. Fortunately they were available in that bookstore. It’s name Ecoline. The manufacturer was Royal Talens, from Holland. She said the color will be spread evenly in the paper unlike usual watercolor which need some technique and expertise to do the same thing. So I bought the primary colors (red, blue, yellow), white and gold. Actually I want to buy the black one too, but it was out of stock. There are around 40 variants of the color. Why did I only buy 5 color? Because the price is quite expensive :( it cost around USD 4 per bottle. Yup it’s in bottle, and unlike usual watercolor it needs no water to be used.

So, as soon as I was home, I tried it. So I made a sketch and prepared the tools.

I used paper for painting (water color, acrylic, pastels, etc. except oil color of course). In the left side of the paper I tried the color before applying it to my picture.

So this was the mess of the process:

And this is the result:

I think it is quite good. What do you think?

Great Siam

I was having a chance to explore Bangkok & Pattaya in Thailand with three of my friends!! Thailand’s ancient name is Siam and it is a kingdom. The first impression was Bangkok is a lot like Jakarta, only different in the language and the writings. Even our faces looks alike, which lead to wrong perception that we are local civilians. But then, as you see more, many differences can be found. The traffic is less than Jakarta because there is sky train in Bangkok. Also, as most people in Bangkok are budhist, life is more liberal there, unlike in Indonesia whose people mostly moslems..

The foods are asian taste and many foods made from pork. Because we can eat pork, we were very happy there. And the foods are cheap!

So the travel began with a morning in Lumphini Park, a big park in the heart of Bangkok, which Jakarta doesn’t have and I think will never have. It has a lake. Many people go there to do some sports or meet with friends. Many benches and gazebos available there.

After had lunch, we went to Chatuchak Market to bought some souvenirs.. Then.. in the night we went to Ladyboy Show!!! It’s a cabaret show, the famous one on Bangkok named Calypso. There is Tiffany Cabaret in Pattaya or Simon Cabaret in Phuket. But, as we stayed in Bangkok, we went to Calypso Cabaret Show. What is unique, this show is mainly played by transgender people, they used to be men and now their appearance is just like women, and beautiful! It is common in Bangkok to see transgender even in the city streets. So they are dancing, or playing a drama using lyrics in a song lip sing. The show was great!

The next day we went to the famous Grand Palace. There are so many temples and pagodas there. Most have great details and gold color painted. You can’t wear short or sleeveless shirt there. Some places require you to take off your shoes. The number of temples is more than ten I guess, We didn’t through it all.

Inside the temples, the wall is well painted until the top. The paintings mostly about situations in ancient kingdom.

Well.. that’s the first 2 days of the trip.. In the next post, maybe I’ll continue with Madame Tussauds Bangkok, Pattaya Beach and Dinner Cruise at Chao Praya river.. Well, actually, as soon as we arrived in Madame Tussauds.. my camera was run out of the battery.. so all the pics is in my friend’s camera now.. hehehe..

What a fine morning!

I just found my note in the last few pages of my note book when I had meeting several days ago. The topic of the meeting was kinda boring and not actually relate to my job, so I wasted time turning pages in my note book.

The note is a poem I wrote months ago.. when my heart felt really light..

What A Fine Morning!

Entered the day by praying & asking guidance from Almighty God
There was still morning quarrel with other family members
But we had breakfast together and laughed together

The weather was cool with some warm sunshine
The traffic was well move on

Supporting by encouraging songs, made a quite and perfect morning

Though people rushed in, but there was a peace in mind
that ready to face problems a long day ahead

May I see you again
A fine, quite and perfect morning!

It’s just a simple poem
That kind of day is rarely happen again until now
But I believe I will see it again..

I need a hug, but somebody need it more..

Today was quite a hectic day.. I went from one meeting to another meeting, one problem to another problem, without having time to touch my daily tasks..

Then I took a breath and went to pantry to make a cup of tea.. In the silent pantry while making the tea, I was thinking.. I’m really tired.. What do I need to ease my feeling and gain some spirit? Then a thought came to me.. I need a hug.. Someone who would hug me and say that everything will be fine.. I don’t need all my problems to be disappeared, as new problems may come.. I need someone to comfort me..

Then not long later I got a message from my junior on university, one of my best friend, the one I consider as my sister. She told her problem in her family, how she felt so sad and disappointed. She said sorry to disturb me while I work, but she need to tell someone her feeling.

I felt so sorry for her, I felt sad. Then I realized, she need a hug more than me.. I wished I could hug her and tell that everything will be fine..

How strange that it was not happen only once that sometimes you just feel the need to give something to someone else, something that you actually need and ask.. How God teach us to give while we in need.. to encourage us to be less pitying ourselves.. that we should not focus on ourselves..

For those who need a hug.. give someone a hug and you’ll get a hug back..

Chocolate Cookies

I made cookies because I carelessly said to my office mates that I want to make some cookies.. then they said I have to bring them..

The hard part for making cookies is at the shopping time.. It takes hours and energy.. huffft..

So I did made cookies in the night between 9PM to 1AM

Below was the result:

And from the last dough I made quite big cookie shaped christmas tree.. yayy..

Well, after my friend try them they said it was good.. and they asked for another one.. sponge cake.. let’s see if I can satisfy them later.. hahaha..

This Country I really Love

Indonesia may not a famous name in the world, though it is a big country with the 4th highest population amount in the world
People know Bali better.. while Bali is just one of more than 17.000 islands in this country or one of hundreds great destination for holiday..

But it is not about the place that I want to tell here
It’s about the people in this country
There are hundreds of races and local languages in here
There are 5 major religions
But there is one culture they share

They use to live the hard way since colonialism by Dutch for centuries until 66 years ago
But in the hard time they can smile
They believe in togetherness
They believe in peace
They believe that neighbors can be closer than relatives
They believe in happiness in modest way
They believe they should help people around

I have heard that internationally Indonesia is considered as the nicest country, as the country of people with most beautiful smile.. regardless in contradiction also famous of some terorism stories
I do agree with the first.. But I don’t agree for the second one.. not that I’m in majority religion here.. I do in the minority side.. Yes we have to struggle sometimes.. especially for people in the country side.. but I do believe everything’s getting better as there is growing understanding..

I do believe this country will be much nicer in the future..

I haven’t gone abroad but as I heard stories and I believe in my heart.. no place will replace this country..

Don’t hear the news only.. please read all testimonials.. and you’ll find out that you will be longing to go to this country..

Well it will take a while to go around Indonesia.. I myself haven’t got a chance.. but you can just taste little to be falling in love with my Indonesia!!

*As a tribute to National team of Soccer of Indonesia. I wrote this after we get defeated by Malaysia (21-11-11), but I respect your endless effort my dear heros!!


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